Persepolis Recreated


Seized   and  burned  by  Alexander  the Great's  conquering  army,  shaken by uncounted earthquakes, eroded by 25 centuries of rain, fluctuating temperatures and scouring winds, Persepolis-the  greatest  of  the  royal  residences of  ancient Persia-is a definitive ancient ruin.Yet, the place remains an awesomely impressive sight 2,500 years after it was built. Even today, those who  step up to  its  gigantic  terrace  of  125,000  square  meters and see its majestic  columns  are  filled  with  a  sense  of  awe  drifting  into  a  dream-like  trance.A dream in which  one  tries  to  visualize  the  beauty and dazzling splendor of Persepolitan palaces before their sad destruction.This   magnificent  book  consists  of  72  pages  of  quite  spectacular pictures. With some transparent  overlays  and  3-dimensional   reconstruction  of Persepolitan palaces as they were 2,500 years ago. A wonderful documentary film with beautiful footage from the most spectacular palace of ancient Iran-Persepolis,  accompanied  by 3-dimensional  reconstruction  of its remarkable palaces and halls.Throughout the film, renowned scholars from France, U.S.A. and Iran have also  commented on the splendor and the function of Persepolitan palaces.The film, about 40 minutes long, is available on DVD.

Persepolis Recreated in the USA